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Before GoodCarBadCar even listed the Fit as one of its 12 cars to drive in 2008, Honda introduced the next Fit. Growth, power, and added maturity are expected. Nevertheless, the characteristics which contribute to the little Honda’s greatness are traits we expect from any great car. The inside feels more commodious than the exterior dimensions suggest. The power rating, though low, doesn’t match with the rev-happy feel and a quick-on-its-feet quality. Some will complain about a rough ride, but Toyota builds a Yaris for them. The Fit possesses sharp steering, a snickety-snick gearshift or even a 5-speed automatic, and remarkable economy.

The Fit’s biggest demerit? That economy, as expected, falls from ‘remarkable’ to ‘impressive’ when you give heed to the engine’s desire to reach redline in every gear. Woe to the Fit driver.


Engines: 109 horsepower and 105 lb-ft of torque from a 1.5L four-cylinder.

Mileage: City high = 28mpg. City low = 27mpg.

Base USD Price: $13,950

Anything Else? Great though the Fit may be, the best among the new wave of small cars for North America, it’s hard to buy a car when you already know the look and specs of its successor.