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At the Skoda page on, you can learn about the Yeti and Roomster and Octavia and even the Superb’s amazing trunk/hatchback option. And now, with the new Superb 4×4, you can take a look at the VW underling’s new pickup truck?

Ah… no. Automakers try and come up with a new way to say all-wheel drive just about every time they introduce a new line of all-wheel drive cars or every time they slightly alter their system. You know all about Quattro from Audi. There’s also Attesa from Nissan/Infiniti. Mercedes-Benz likes 4Motion. BMW awkwardly makes use of xDrive. Saab has recently decided upon XWD. Many manufacturers know that AWD is best.
But Skoda has decided – on behalf of their flagship sedan – that 4×4 is the route to go. You know, like we would see on the side of an Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado. Interesting choice. Regardless, take a look at the Superb 4×4 in the obligatory snow shots in the 24 picture Gallery below.