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260 horsepower will remain under the hood of the next Mazda 3 MPS, AKA the MazdaSpeed 3. The engine has been updated, increasing torque at 3,000 rpm by 10%. Torque steer can be expected, although three highly rigid steering gear mount bushings are utilized on the new 3 rather than two. Mazda put significant efforts into the 6-speed manual with the hopes of decreasing shift effort while increasing feel and helping fuel economy and serenity at highway speeds.

Distinguishing this modified version of the Mazda 3 are enlarged bumpers, spoilers on the roof and at the front chin, and the very obvious hood scoop. The grin of the front fascia remains. Check out all 34 pictures of the MazdaSpeed 3/Mazda 3 MPS below. The initial GoodCarBadCar story is here, along with video of the regular 3 5-door here and the Mazda 3 sedan here.