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2018 Canada Commercial Van Sales Figures By Model (With Rankings)

Sales Figures & Rankings for Commercial Vans Sold in Canada

2018 Best Selling Commercial Vans In Canada (All Models Ranked)

Commercial Van sales weren’t great for most models in December. However, for the year as a whole six models saw rises in sales. The Ford Transit led the way for the year in terms of sales volume. The model saw a 25.07 percent rise in sales for the year as a whole, but a drop of 4.22 percent for the month of December when compared with last year.

The Ford E-Series van showed similar results, though less volume. Its sales jumped 19.92 percent for the year but dropped a considerable 36.67 percent in December when compared to last year. Ford’s Transit Connect also saw similar percentage increases as the E-Series and regular Transit. Ford had a good year in Canada. Many other models saw a rise in sales for the year and a drop in sales in December.


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