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Certainly Ford can cope with overwhelming Chevrolet Camaro sales in its first few months on the market. Potential owners who went without a Camaro possibility for the middle part of this decade were finally able to satisfy their craving. People who need to buy the newest, hottest, fastest thing were lined up, too. Then you’ve got your Chevy loyalists, baby boomers who loved the car when they were young and single, and consumers who love really high rear decks.

Haven’t all these people already gotten their fill? Either the Camaro appeals to a much wider cross-section of the populace or the groups mentioned above were significantly larger than previously believed. Yes, the Camaro is routinely beating the Ford Mustang in sales in the United States. Moreover, on a monthly basis, the Camaro is routinely crushing the Ford Mustang in sales in the United States. Most importantly for General Motors and its populist division is the Camaro’s mainstream success. Forget comparing the Camaro to the Mustang, Challenger, Corvette, and Viper for a second and think about this. In November, the Chevy Camaro out-sold the following automakers’: Audi, Lincoln, Volvo, Saturn, Mitsubishi, Mini, Porsche, Suzuki, smart, Saab, and Hummer. More Camaros were sold in America last month than Chevrolet Cobalts. That’s right – Chevy managed to sell more sporty muscle cars than it did copies of its core small car.
Take a look at the Graph below for a full rundown of the Sales Stats, the complete whoopin’ the Camaro laid on its competition. October’s equivalent Graph is here. You don’t want to do the math so I’ll calculate for you: carry the 1….. a equals 7 if b equals 17…. plus 11. Right, Chevrolet has sold 54,100 Camaros so far this year.