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Two vehicles, both criticized for lacking purpose and utility, and yet one appears in The Bad 8 Supersize while another performs admirably enough to make it into The Good 12 Supersize. Such a miscarriage of justice, no?
Well, it helps Infiniti’s case that the FX35 and FX50 are less expensive than this, their German counterpart. More importantly, this is no wishy-washy automotive unopinionated website – this is The Good Car Guy’s space. Thus, with subjectivity firmly in hand, let it be clear that the BMW looks ugly while the Infiniti looks incredible. Beholder’s eye, and all that.
It hurts the X6’s case that BMW’s own X5 is both more handsome and more capable while still being outlandishly sporty for an SUV (excuse me, SAV) and still a BMW. The X6 isn’t helped by the fact that it is, to a degree, trendier; faster; and quicker ’round corners. At, the wish is for this trend to end. Develop strange concept. Jack up the ride height. Make concept bold and aggressive. Fit with hi-po V8. Strip away all potential practicality, and a seat while you’re at it. Make uglier. Send to dealers. Sell to rich people too stunned to realize that money isn’t something to burn on huge luxury vehicles just because their neighbours have not. Yet.
Alternatives: Infiniti FX, BMW X5, Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Necessary Incentivizing To Switch To The Good 12 Supersize: Drop the price to X3 levels.
Anything Else? Many of us wondered what BMW was doing when they introduced the X5 and called it a SAV. BMW got that one right. Plus, it could’ve been worse. Check out the Hamann X6.