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2012’s The Bad 8 – Chrysler 200 Convertible


2012 Chrysler 200 Convertible Roof Up

It should be hard to hate a convertible. The very idea of dropping the top and basking in sunshine, while driving, is accepted as a possible definition of the word “fun.” But it’s easy to hate the Chrysler 200 Convertible. Because it’s not fun.

2012 Bad 8 GoodCarBadCar

It’s not possible to have fun when you’re so profoundly embarrassed. Can you afford to be seen in a car with a rear end so vast? Should you be willing to humble yourself to be seen in a car which has space for a family of squirrels between the wheel and fender? Didn’t in-place convertible tops stop looking like severely mangled toupees in the late 90s? 

Expectations for convertibles are high. Therefore, Chrysler’s droptop 200 wouldn’t be considered a good car even if it was great to drive. This is the last segment where awkward looks can be accepted as a worthy compromise. It doesn’t matter – the 200 isn’t great to drive. At all.


Alternatives: Bicycles also offer that oft-desired open-air experience. The Ford Mustang V6 Convertible is really rather fast. If you feel you need a Chrysler Group LLC product, try thinking of things that are more American than being old, in Florida, with a Chrysler 200 Convertible…… aha, the Jeep Wrangler. You can be old in a Wrangler and go anywhere, not just Florida.

Base USD/CAD Price: $26,575 / $29,995

It Sucks, But… if it’s all they have at the Miami International Airport rental counter, go ahead and burn that scalp.

Sales Stats: Sadly, 11.6% of the Chrysler 200s sold in Canada in the first eleven months of 2011 were of the convertible variety. Monthly and yearly sales figures for the whole Chrysler 200 family can be viewed here.