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The guys at the Great American Road Trip thoroughly covers their trip. Hmm? Take note of KPHO’s article and then check out the website. These guys covered the Lower 48 in 106 hours in a first-gen Scion xB, or as the Phoenix news station called it, a Toyota Scion. At one time, Guinness established world records for such feats; but no longer. Getting in an out of 48 states took over 7,000 miles. 

Admittedly, not only would a 10-province, 3-territory, cross-Canada covering be more difficult because of its enormous size, but Canada’s provinces are aligned in a way that doesn’t lend itself to this sorta thing. Ever hear of the Four Corners? Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico’s connection saves an awful lot of time. No, I’m not trying to diminish their feat – not in any way – but I do see the difficulty in repeating such an achievement in this country. 
Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota ease the challenge, as well. Then there’s the northeast. Ah, I’m jealous. And suitably impressed.