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Scion Is Dead: Here’s Everything We’ve Ever Said About Scion

2006 Scion tC

Toyota’s youth-directed Scion brand will expire at the end of the 2016 sales model. The FR-S sports car, iA sedan – already a Toyota in Canada – and iM hatchback will become Toyotas. The C-HR crossover initially bound for the Scion corner of the showroom will become a Toyota. The tC will die with the 2016 model year. Gone are the xB, xA, xD, and iQ.

This much you knew, having read GCBC yesterday morning. Listed below are links to all the other occasions in which we offered up Scion sales commentary, both here on GoodCarBadCar, but also on The Truth About Cars and, in a Canadian context, on It’s possible that the list may not be exhaustive. To read it all, however, will nevertheless be exhausting.


The Scion Sales Doldrums – 05.20.2014

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