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One report out of suggests the price of oil is still subjected to booms and busts, just like housing. Will $125/barrel oil ever go away? Follow the link to read the theory.

Batteries are leaking and General Motors is ticked off. Production of hybrids has to be slowed and curtailed. has the story.
Chrysler is as efficient as Toyota when it comes to building cars? Yeah… right. Indeed, it is correct. Autoblog has the facts you want.
Do you ignore the talking heads every time they come on TV and talk about brand new cars, fuel efficient cars; that is, that achieve tremendous economy? It’s not as though they have a clue what they’re discussing. Well, ignore the frightening pricetags of today’s techno-hybrid gadgets and get yourself a used fuel sipper. is where it’s at.
Why isn’t the trend towards smaller cars helping all the European manufacturers competing in North America? looks into it.