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The Ford Motor Company is well represented in the (nobody cares about) World Car of the Year competition. Subsidiary Mazda has a successful and worthy small hatch in the 2 and the Blue Oval is represented by the Mondeo. Mercedes-Benz rounds out the field with the new C-class.

World DesignOTY will be taken by either the Audi R8, Mazda 2, or Volvo C30. There’s another award that has two Ford Motor Company candidates, with the C30 taking the Mondeo’s place.

World PerformanceCOTY features the Audi S5 and R8 as well as the BMW M3. GreenCOTY contenders include the diesel-powered smart fortwo, BMW 118d con Efficient Dynamics, and Volkswagen Passat 1.9TDI. Take notice hybrids, hydrogen and other beginning-with-h fuel solutions: three diesels that make use of subtle but very useful additions or subtractions. Weight loss; seats; idling, for three.

Who will win and who should win? GoodCarBadCar will go with the Mondeo although the 2 is deserving. The R8 could run the Design and Performance table, although the C30 is a more fitting winner in the former category. Green works well with the smart, but expect the BMW to take the crown. There are other candidates that aren’t on the list but should be, mind.