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Marie Gibbons is passionate about Volvo.  She doesn’t work ‘for’ Volvo, but she clearly lives Volvo.  Her Abbotsford, British Columbia business has been running for nine years.  A former Montrealer, Gibbons (@ moved to southern B.C. (not far from the U.S. border) to assist her brother at his Volvo franchise.  After his retirement and sixteen years in that business, the Volvo Lady took a couple years off but eventually returned to her passion.

Marie purchases used Volvos and reconditions every part of them.  Her biggest challenge is finding product since, as she says, “Volvo people love their cars and won’t trade them in.”  Bodywork, interior, and the mechanical aspects of each car come under Marie’s watchful eye.  As the website shows, the Volvo Lady likes the three R’s but tinkers a little bit.  Reuse, restore, recycle, rebirth.  
If you love the boxy old Volvo style or have a Volvo that needs a good workover, the Volvo Lady’s website is definitely worth checking out.  Click here for all Volvo-related articles on GoodCarBadCar.