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There was a flock that gathered around the photos of Volkswagen’s up! concept, not just here on GoodCarBadCar, but at every automotive publication, I assume. As The Good Car Guy worded it back in September, “The up! concept is an attempt by Volkswagen to return itself to a time when Volkswagen meant Volkswagen – People’s Car….Volkswagen wants the up! to mobilize the world…. the up! is pure VW. And a return to pure Volkswagen roots is the best thing Volkswagen could do right now.”

Read the whole first GoodCarBadCar reation to the up!

The up! is to the original Beetle what the Space up! is to the Type 2/Kombi/Transporter. This bigger vehicle is up! based, powered by up! and simply provides a more spacious version of a very inexpensive car. (Doesn’t it sound like we’re discussing a bad energy drink?)

Volkswagen has big plans to mobilize the planet, especially the massively populated places like China and India but other emerging markets, too. Forget not North America; tis all we ask.