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Like many other automakers competing in Canada, Volkswagen’s November sales didn’t compare well with November of ’07. On the flip side, the drop for Volkswagen wasn’t nearly as severe as it was in the USA, at just a 2.2% decline in Canada and 19.2% in America.

One could be easily misled by these Numbers and assume Volkswagen’s core models aren’t holding up well. On the contrary – 37.2% more Jettas were sold this November than last on its way to to representing 26.2% of VW Canada sales. 
The ‘new’ Jetta sold almost four times more frequently than the older-style City Jetta. Volkswagen’s Rabbit, basically the hatchback version of the Jetta, sold three times less in November. Combine sales of the Touareg, Tiguan, Routan, Passat, Eos, GTI, and New Beetle and that’s still 40% fewer sales than the Jetta totalled.
How did Volkswagen manage to swing the Jetta up to almost 1,000 sales last month? Think diesel. The 140-bhp TDI Clean Diesel model is widely available now and Canadians remained turned on to the prospect of amazing mileage even if they have to pay a little more for the privilege.
Volkswagen’s Clean Diesel is available in both the Jetta and Jetta Wagon (check out VeeDub’s site here) at $24,275-$29,775 for the sedan and $25,775-$31,675 for the Jetta Wagon, before options.