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In Orange County, California Hyundai’s latest push upstream, the Genesis luxury sedan, was tested against a variety of relatively direct and completely indirect competitors. The Porsche Boxster, for instance, isn’t likely to be cross-shopped. 

Nevertheless, according to Automotive Marketing Consultants Inc., the Genesis is quicker than the Porsche. Other tests were completed and of course, Hyundai wants to share with you its sedan’s all-around capabilities. has a performance video section that you can visit by clicking here. It should be noted that the numbers sometimes present a different story than the driver(s) who found that story. For instance, here’s a paragraph from Car & Driver’s test of the V8 Genesis: “On smooth freeway stretches, the ride is creamy and quiet. But on those back roads, contoured and crinkled by Michigan winters, it was not difficult to use up all of the suspension travel, yielding hard bumps and episodes of head toss.” C/D goes on to say that BMW is the master of this domain “and assessed by the 528i’s standard of response and balance, it’s a fraternity to which the Genesis does not yet belong. But competing as a luxury cruiser, the Genesis rates well.”