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2011 U.S SUV Sales Figures By Model (With Rankings)

Sales Figures & Rankings for SUVs Sold in the United States

2011 Best Selling SUVs In the United States (All Models Ranked)

Though hard hit, three of America’s most popular utility vehicles were popular enough at this time last December that a comparatively bad month wasn’t enough to strike them down. Honda CR-V sales slid 7%, the Chevrolet Equinox plunged 20%, and Toyota RAV4 sales dropped 19% in December 2011. All three remain among the five best-selling SUVs in America, along with the increasingly popular Jeep Grand Cherokee (up 36% in December, up 51% in 2011) and the soon-to-be-replaced Ford Escape (up 37% last month and 33% last year).

Although BMW and Mercedes-Benz and a handful of niche brands haven’t yet reported December sales, the fact that none of these brands have landed an SUV on this list in recent memory means we can go ahead and label these ten vehicles the most popular utility vehicles in America from December. Half wear Japanese badges; half hail from Detroit… originally. You probably wouldn’t consider taking more than one of them, maybe two or three others, through a stream bed.

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