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Back in March of this year, a BMW dealership in Lincoln, Nebraska made trouble for themselves. It became a fairly big consumer rights story and the world wide web became an important player in the quest to get a man his promised BMW M3

Unfortunately, the eBay seller (Husker BMW) created two problems that afflict more than just themselves. For skeptics who were frightened by the process of purchasing online – proof was gained. For the countless multitudes who are routinely sickened by automotive dealership practices – yes, more proof was discovered.
However, long after this story died down, The Good Car Guy became an investigative reporter for…. oh, five minutes, and discovered that, quite commonly, Husker BMW is an all-around wonderful eBay user.
This link takes you to their eBay feedback page. Over the last month, they’ve received two instances of positive feedback; nothing else. Over the span of the last six months, eleven positives are all there is to see. Over the last twelve months, thirty-three positives and one negative instance of feedback are plain to see. Husker has a feedback rating of 97.1% and has been a member since 2004. Not perfect, considering the ease with which you can find perfect ratings on eBay, but pretty stinkin’ close.
Was Husker BMW way out line in the March situation? Surely. But are they the most awful, wicked, wretched BMW seller on eBay? It doesn’t appear as such.