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CNN reported on Toyota’s LA Auto Shows problems and its assorted difficulties online today. Read about that here. Keep in mind, as CNN itself puts it at the end of the article, “And Toyota continues to have a lot in its favor….” and continues with “…..Toyota last week reported a hefty $4 billion profit in its fiscal second quarter…..” and ends with “…..Toyota sold 7.05 million vehicles in the first nine months of this year.” CNN Autos article is a must-read, nonetheless.

The video clip in question shot by the Rainforest Action Network (not a group of people too familiar with the purchasing of Sequoia) can be seen below. Assume or believe or think what you like about the practices of RAN, Toyota marketing, hybrids, law suits, or CAFE. But rest assured, Bob Carter will regret this day for a long time. If his goal was to come across as an arrogant; haughty; and condescending rich guy, then he met success today. The clip is ↓, with RAN’s YouTube descriptor below that.

Rainforest Action Network stumps Toyota General Manager Bob Carter after his presentation at the 2007 LA Autoshow with a simple question: “Why not drop the lawsuit against California”

At a loss for words, Bob hits the camera out of my hands. Thanks Bob.