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14 Years Running – Toyota Camry Is America’s Best-Selling Car, 2002 To 2015

2015 Toyota Camry XSE V6 red rear

In each of the last 14 years, the Toyota Camry finished New Year’s Eve as America’s best-selling car. It’s a streak that began in 2002 and continued unabated through 2015.

Although U.S. passenger car volume slid 2% in 2015 and midsize car sales likewise declined 2% compared with 2014, Camry volume increased last year. Granted, the year-over-year uptick in Camry volume was slight: only 749 more Camrys were sold in 2015 than in 2014, a 0.2% increase equal to an extra two Camry sales per day.

Complete Toyota Motor Sales USA 2015 Calendar Year Sales
Historical Month/Yearly Toyota Camry Sales

But a Camry increase and sharp decreases from numerous other cars in its category presented Toyota with another measurable market share increase. 18.0% of the new midsize cars sold in America in 2015 were Camrys, up from 17.7% in 2014, 17.0% in 2013, and 17.2% in 2012. 

Among the broader passenger car market, the Camry outsold its next-best-selling rival, the Honda Accord, by 40,232 units in 2014. That margin of victory exploded to 66,023 units in 2015, the Camry’s second-greatest margin of victory in eight years as another Toyota, the Corolla, claimed second place.

Toyota Camry best-selling sales chart 2002-2015
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Not since 2007 has the Camry so thoroughly outsold its rivals. That year, when Camry volume increased 5.5% to an all-time high of 473,108 units, the next-best-selling Accord was 80,877 sales abaft.

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