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The service departments at most automotive dealerships now offer at least some form of a ‘gift shop’, although sometimes it’s hidden on one shelf behind the parts counter. You can have your Subaru WRX rally toque or a miniature Porsche 911 with whaletail spoiler.

Or…. you can buy your gifts (for yourself, I might add) before you even leave the business office. After visiting the Mercedes-Benz USA website, I came up with the most interesting – and most interestingly priced – options I could find. Spoil yourself the next time you buy an E-class. Go get yourself somethin’ nice. You deserve it. Here’s the GoodCarBadCar Top 5.

5- Electronic Trunk Closer: Select this on an E350, Benz’s middle sedan, and you’ll have a feature that “allows you to electronically close a fully open trunk lid without touching it. Push a button in the cabin or inside the trunk, and the lid closes itself.” $530.00, just $520.00 on an SL55 AMG.

4- Sheepskin Wash Mitt: Do you typically buy your home-car goods from the real-estate agent? Mercedes figures you’ll trust them to know how to produce the perfect car-washing mitt. It will, as they say, “capture dirt and grime, and reduce paint surface scratches. Large shape and elasticized wrist comfortably accommodates all hand sizes.” That good ol’ one size fits all definitely makes the $14.00 seem appropriate.

3- P30 Performance Package: The SL55 AMG is quick, but you want fast as well. Upping the limiter to 186mph, while also adding 19″ wheels, a new front bumper, retuned Active Body Control, larger brakes, and a limited slip-diff will be useful. I think. It’ll cost $14,070. And you will sound so cool when your friend says, “So you picked up an SL55 AMG, huh?” And you reply, “Yeah, I really thought the P30 Performance Package would be a nice addition. The electronic trunk closer, too.”

2- Tire Valve Stem Caps: “…these chrome plated ABS valve stem caps dress-up any wheel. Each a set of four. Available in black, silver or AMG.” Yes, AMG is a colour. It means the AMG logo on a silver background, don’t you know? For $15.00, it’s safe to say these valve stem caps are a steal. You’ll want them for your ML63 AMG.

1- Illuminated Door Sills: Considering the fact that you just decided to buy Mercedes least expensive sedan, the C300, you better dress it up. “Light up your C-Class in eye catching style every time you open the front doors with these luminous blue-colored “Mercedes-Benz” stainless steel door sills. Available in a set of 2 for the front.” They’ll charge you $670.00, but you do get the set of two. Quite generous.