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I was going to say I hate to say, “I told you so”, before I realized that I love to say “I told you so,” but then I realized I don’t have full rights this time around. The World Car of the Year awards have been announced at the New York Auto Show, and The Good Car Guy was sort of/kind of/almost/mostly correct.

The Audi R8 did win performance car of the year and world design of the year. I said it would, despite the Volvo C30’s right to the latter. This page also said the BMW 118d would win GreenCOTY and the Mazda 2 was a deserving overall winner of car of the year. However,  the keyword ‘deserving’ didn’t match with my call of the Ford Mondeo. On that count, I admit, I didn’t tell you so.  Check out the evidence right up on in here.