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Depressing though the good-looking Mazda CX-7’s test numbers from Motor Trend‘s September issue may be (0-60mph in 7.7 and 17 miles per gallon), especially in light of the Subaru Forester’s impressive statistics (0-60 in 6.6 and 19.6 mpg), it’s downright alarming the extent to which low mpg vehicles were advertised in the issue that’s already on newsstands.

It’s not a hard case to make: heavily market the products that you’re struggling to sell. Make the buyers aware. On the other hand, expensive advertising directed toward an ever-shrinking market – especially when the products mentioned are already very well-known…. now that seems a little bit silly.
Surely different marketing executives would present differing views on the merits of extensive truck advertising. In a year when the long-time best-selling vehicle in America, Ford’s F-150, has been out-sold by four cars over the last couple months, some of the numbers you’ll see below are surprising.
2 – pages of advertising GMC placed inside the cover for the Acadia, a 19mpg large crossover
2 – pages of advertising Mercedes-Benz placed for the 15mpg C63 AMG
1 – page of advertising for the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid, a 20.5mpg SUV
12 – pages of advertising (including a centrefold) for the Chevrolet Silverado which is, at best, a 17.5mpg pick-up truck
1 – page of advertising for the Cadillac CTS, a 22mpg luxury sedan
2 – pages of advertising Dodge placed with business-reply mail for the Ram pickup
1 – page of advertising for the 19mpg Honda Pilot
1 – page of combined advertising for the 22mpg Nissan Maxima and the GT-R
1 – page of advertising for the Infiniti FX which is, at best, a 19mpg sporty crossover
1 – page of advertising for the Toyota Matrix, a small hatchback that can achieve a combined 29mpg
1 – page of advertising for the new Kia Borrego, a body-on-frame large SUV that’s available with a V8 but can touch 19mpg with a V6
1 – page of advertising for the 26mpg Suzuki SX4 on the inside of the back cover
1 – page of advertising for the 25.5mpg Acura TSX on the back cover
18.8 – average (best) combined MPG rating of the first five vehicles you’ll see advertised in Motor Trend’s September issue
22.8 – average (best) combined MPG rating for the final seven vehicles you’ll see advertisied in MT/09