Of all small luxury SUVs, it appeared most unlikely that the Acura RDX was about to be the Mercedes-Benz GLK’s December antagonist. But Canadians love their Acuras – Honda’s luxury brand sells better here than every luxo-brand barring Benz and BMW – and the RDX is a desirable vehicle in its own right.
Nevertheless, Mercede-Benzs GLK350 4Matic sales were still strong enough to see off all the other contenders. In November, the Benz’s lead over its rivals was more significant. In October, the chasm was even greater. Has the GLK found most of its potential buyers, with the remainder of the ideal customers heading elsewhere? It’s far, far too soon to say anything like that. Have a look at the Graph of Sales Stats below to see just how large a chunk of the pie belongs to Mercedes. Check back in a few to see the 2009 Year End totals.