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Available in FR and Cupra versions with 150 or 180 horsepower, the Ibiza Bocanegra doesn’t have the dramatic looks of the concept Bocanegra, but performance will be more than adequate. The Seat Ibiza, Holland’s compact car of the year, is, underneath it all, a Volkswagen. The Bocanegra, underneath it all, was a wildly well-accepted concept that had Seat aficionados screaming that they wanted it all. Well, Seat aficionados, you got some of it.

One must’n’t complain about a 7-speed DSG shuffling 180 horsepower through 215/40 R17s with the aid of XDS. It is the overall personality of the car that has lost of some of that gotta-have-it attitude which made the Bocanegra concept so appealing in the first place. A little less umph here, a lot less yowzah there… you know the story. The Good Car Guy spins it out all the time. Anyway, here are 8 pictures of the Seat Ibiza Bocanegra for your enjoyment.