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Carving down a canyon road, hitting the apex of a hairpin corner, feeling your Porsche Boxster rotate around your pancreas…. that’s a feeling. The Good Car Guy honoured the Boxster in both The Good 12 and The Good 12 v2.0 before laying praise solely at the feet wheels of the Porsche Boxster Spyder in The Good 12 v3.0. Partly because of its beauty; certainly because of its weight loss and sense of purpose; very much as a result of its exclusivity, the Porsche Boxster Spyder felt like the car the Boxster always should have been.

See, the Porsche Boxster isn’t an inherently gorgeous car. It’ll attract teenage boys in front of the local Starbucks, sure. But paint choices gone askew, equipped the wrong way, the Porsche Boxster loses desirability faster than you can say horizontally-opposed six-cylinder.
Indeed, as pictured, the Porsche Boxster is verily a Good 12-worthy car gone bad. Like the previously mentioned Kia Soul, Boxster-in-basics is not the way to go. Find a few grand more, please. Painted Speed Yellow with a red top, this Porsche Boxster incurs no extra cost the way Porsche Racing Green Metallic would. Standing firm on your belief that no option boxes should be ticked is a great way to see way too much wheelwell and far too many snickering Mazda MX-5 Miata owners. The “free” wheels are labelled ’17” Boxster III Wheel’. Spending anywhere between $390-$$3,675 nets you a strong set of four wheels; a set not chosen by some backwater aftermarket consultant for an ’87 Pontiac Fiero when that car was eight years old.
Do the right thing. Don’t let your amazing Porsche Boxster leave the factory unfinished else you end up with a Good Car Gone Bad.
Yellow paint with a red top? Porsche allows this?