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The first-generation of Mercedes-Benz M-Class wasn’t exactly renowned for its quality feel. It’s no surprise to see the 1998-2003 M-Class called up to the front by NHTSA for power steering problems more than a decade after it was introduced.
102,954 Mercedes MLs could have problems with a hose clamp that’s used to secure the power steering fluid cooling hose to the fluid cooler. Without sufficient clamping for this connection, there could be a loss of fluid and, over time or quite suddenly, a degrading power steering pump.
Suddenly losing power steering on a beast of this size is no joy. The fact that it could result in an ML320 or ML500 crash won’t surprise you. All vehicles previously repaired for this issue on an earlier Recall should be brought in again because the first repair might not’ve cut it. Confusion as to whether or not your M-Class Benz is included can be cleared up with this M-B number: 1-800-367-6372.