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The name T.Boone Pickens means less to me than Charles Dickens, but plastering his face all over television will soon contribute to your growing knowledge of Pickens, wind power, and natural gas. That’s BP Capital’s Great Expectations, anyway.

BP Capital Management, founded by Mr. Pickens, trades heavily in energy futures. Before you start blaming them as speculators who’ve driven oil to US$140/barrel, Pickens wants you to check out his plan for the future of energy in the United States. is where it’s at. Below you’ll see a few of Boone Pickens’ most prominent numbers. GCBC hasn’t deeply looked into the plan and The Good Car Guy wouldn’t be an expert on it even if research was completed. News is made when oil barons spend parts of their fortune advertising on behalf of a possible future energy solution.
24 – percentage of oil imported by the United States in 1970
70 – percentage of oil imported by the United States today
700,000,000,000 – US dollars required to buy oil from other countries this year
85,000,000 – worldwide daily oil production, measured in barrels, 21,000,000 of which are consumed in the United States
4 – percentage of the worldwide human population found in the United States, with its 300+million people consuming 25% of the world’s oil
1 – dollars of the US sort measured in trillions, needed to build massive wind turbines across the plain states (along with $200B for transmitting infrastructure) that would provide 20% of America’s electricity
150,000 – NGVs (natural gas-powered vehicles) in use in America out of 7,000,000 worldwide
98 – percentage of natural gas in the United States that is North America-sourced