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The recent Jaguar XJs that you and I have seen on the road have been successful in one or two areas. Firstly, every current XJ is a dynamic masterpiece – ride and handling characteristics which belie the car’s size. Secondly, in appearance, the XJ is a wonderfully executed example of what it is. Unfortunately, what it is happens to be an antiquated retro-Jag look that doesn’t impress when parked beside the stunningly modern Audi A8 or bodacious Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Jaguar’s bosses knew this almost from the beginning. Plans were drawn up to leave the all-aluminum chassis intact while dramatically altering the Jaguar’s appearance. At the front, the new XJ is very XFesque. From the rear, the new XJ is a little too high and lifted up. In profile, there’s something vaguely Citroen C6-like about the 2010 XJ.
Is it an improvement on the outgoing XJ? That’s like comparing apples and oranges; or at least Granny Smiths with Honeycrisps. It could be argued – and will be argued around here in the near future – that the ’10 Jaguar XJ is not as decent an example of its breed than the outgoing ’09 XJ was of its. However, the new car is a modern take. Power is prodigious. Interior pics are spectacular. Enjoy all 68.