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On its website, California-based Motor Trend has announced that the Subaru Forester is their SUV of the Year.

Other SUVOTY contenders included the BMW X6, Infiniti FX and EX35, Honda Pilot, Kia Borrego, Chevrolet Traverse, Dodge Journey, Volkswagen Tiguan, Ford Flex, Nissan Murano, Lexus LX570, and Toyota Sequoia. The Good Car Guy profiled the Forester in a 3 To Beat back in February where it performed admirably as well as in Part III of Dreams VS Reality with the Infiniti FX45 and Porsche Cayenne. Subaru’s advertising for the Forester has garnered plenty of positive attention, as well.
Although there are dozens of different numbers that Motor Trend factored in when determining the SUVOTY, read below to see a list of the contenders in order of their fuel efficiency as tested by MT. In an era where fuel is expensive and families are struggling, the efficiency of family haulers is more important than ever. 
Subaru Forester (awd): 20.1 mpg
Volkswagen Tiguan (fwd): 17.3 mpg
Nissan Murano (fwd): 17.3 mpg
Subaru Forester (turbo awd) 16 mpg
Infiniti EX35 (awd): 15.8 mpg
Honda Pilot (awd): 14.9 mpg
Ford Flex (awd): 14.9 mpg
Dodge Journey (3.5L awd) 14.9 mpg
Kia Borrego (V8 4wd): 13.6 mpg
Lexus LX570 (4wd): 13.2 mpg
BMW X6 (I-6 awd): 13.2 mpg
Infiniti FX50 (awd): 12.9 mpg
Toyota Sequoia (4wd) 12.8 mpg
Chevrolet Traverse (awd): 12.1 mpg