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Debates rage. Arguments are unceasing. Massive expenditures strike fear into the depth of a beancounter’s liver.

Gas-electric hybrids. Diesel. Internal combustion technology growth. Diesel-electric hybrids. Ethanol. Hydrogen. Biodiesel.

Something, or someone, has got to give, right? Perhaps no. Perhaps the automotive manufacturers disagreement on this topic – and the money they each thrust at different levels toward different avenues – is pointless.

It appears Mazda wants to combine the best of multiple world’s. Regardless of your outlook and your prophetic view of personal transportation in 2020, Mazda sees the glass as half-full. Thus, the Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid. Typically offbeat Mazda has equipped this environmental solution with a rotary engine. Not exactly known for its miserliness with fuel.

Nevertheless, one tank of hydrogen in this vehicle could potentially take you 125 miles. Rotary engines can be found only under the hood of Mazda’s own RX-8 sports car right now. Premacy HREH’s rotary can also run on gasoline when the hydrogen runs out. Plus, a lithium-ion battery collects energy under braking and drives the motor, too.

Mazda’s even going to lease these cars. Only in Japan. For the equivalent of $3,500. With no plans to export. But if you love the thought of water dripping out your tailpipe, pencil in an appointment at your Mazda dealer for a test drive. In 2020.