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We first laid eyes on the new Mazda 3 in October. Then at the end of November we saw more pictures. One day later, the Mazda 3 was moving. Ah, but that was the sedan, inevitably the less desirable model.

Pictures of the 5-door Mazda 3 arrived ten days ago. The styling ethos is evolutionary; nothing radical. It must be said, however, that the hatchback was better-looking in the first-generation 3’s model range while also being better equipped and more powerful as standard. Oh, and more expensive, too.
Now we see the Mazda 3 5-door in motion. Much of this 9-minute+ video is actually spent waiting for the Mazda hatchback to come into view. Then when it does, the 3 is hardly moving. In other words, this is dull but worthwhile. Vehicles move. We might as well know what they look like when doing so.
As an aside, Car & Driver’s reporting on the Hyundai Elantra Touring – a very direct competitor for the Mazda 3 5-door – revealed strong opinions in favour of the Elantra. More than just a terrific value (very heavily contented under $20,000), the Elantra hatch/wagon shocked with its impressive interior. Read The Good Car Guy’s review of the Elantra sedan in this Driven post.