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Geneva’s auto show played host to the reveal of Infiniti’s rear-wheel drive gas/electric stunner. The Essence Concept uses wicked paint, Louis Vuitton luggage, and impressive numbers (592 horsepower) to make a strong statement just following the brand’s entry into Europe. However, it is the gorgeous design that grabs one’s attention.

Making the regular – and beautiful – G37 coupe look downright tawdry ain’t easy. Infiniti has managed anyway. The Essence is spectacular from any and every angle. Many cars are no longer appetizing when viewed from low down at the rear end. Infiniti’s Essence? Still sweet. Its profile is drastic but classically formed. Aerially; from the front or rear or side; the Essence shows off angles where you didn’t know angles existed. Inside, Infiniti didn’t let up. High class, y’all. Check out all the pics in the gallery below.
Who knows about production possibilities in financial times like these, but one can see that with necessary product development, the Essence could be very ready when the economy is ready to rebound, too. With styling that delivers the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione a competitor but at less than half the cost, the 2012 or 2013 Infiniti Essence sounds like a plan. So ordered.