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BMW tuners are a fairly capable bunch. Hamann doesn’t restrict itself to BMWs, and perhaps for that reason, their lack of expertise is proven here.

Were the Beatles to rewrite “Hey Jude” in 2008 for automotive purchases, they wouldn’t sing, “… take a sad song, and make it better”. No, it’d be more like: “Hey Ham, don’t make it worse. Take a sad ute, and make it better. Remember, BeeEm screwed it from the start; you ought to make it so much better”.
I doubt Hamann would listen anyway. Hamann replaced the wheels and made them all-too-spokey and way too black. White often looks good on cars these days, but not the X6. True, no colour looks good on the X6. The black addenda makes the white look even worse. Front air dams of this size would look out of place on a Rolls-Royce SUV, were there such a thing. The lowered suspension survives to cause increased desire for a better option: BMW’s 335i Touring. 
Oh, this X6 xDrive35i is more powerful and torquey than before, too. Who cares if you can’t manage to look at it without cringing? I can’t believe I’m allowing a full gallery of this modified X6 to embed on

  1. I tend to dissagree with you on this one.

    Yes it's useless and yes it probably polutes more than an army of small cars but that thing is HOT!

    If I had unlimited amounts of money, I, for sure, would purchase this special edition!

    The X5 is a great car, I doubt it will be detroned by the X6 but it does fit with people that want attention. What I mean by that is that the X6 is BIG, loud and looks mean, so anyone that notices cars might be impressed… others will simply ignore it.

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