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Most assuredly, the best pure station wagon on the planet is Volvo’s biggest. Sure, you can have more speed with your tailgate. You can have more toughness (even an XC70) or more luxury or perhaps more beauty. But pare it all down; cut away the excess; and ask yourself for the best car for you, your spouse, your kids and dogs and stuff, and you end up at the Volvo dealership. Sign on the dotted line. You’ll not be disappointed.

You find yourself remarkably comfortable in an instant. The Volvo V70 isn’t fast, but it is deceptively quick. You’re surrounded by fashionable accoutrements. Everyone is safe… and you know it. Sure, you spent a chunk of change, but upon opening the driver’s door, you’re positive the price of admission was worth it.

Will the Volvo V70 give you a Porsche Boxster experience? No; but then again, will a Porsche Boxster give you smart fortwo fuel economy? Will a Chevrolet Corvette or Audi TT help you save money, as the Honda Fit will? The V70 has a task, and it completes the job admirably. Carry you, your people, and your stuff. Do it efficiently, comfortably, safely, and quickly. While looking good. Nobody does it better than Volvo.


Engines: 235 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque from a 3.2L inline-six cylinder engine.

Mileage: City = 16mpg.

Base USD Price: $32,465

Anything Else? Says Volvo: “If you add the interior air quality system to the (climate control), the air inside your Volvo can be cleaner than it is outside. When driving behind trucks, for example, or in tailbacks and tunnels, an air quality sensor monitors the levels of toxic carbon monoxide in the incoming air and closes the air intake long before the levels inside the car become unhealthy. The Multifilter with active carbon prevents dust, pollen and exhaust particles from entering the car via the ventilation unit, along with various unpleasant odours and fumes.”