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THE GOOD 12 – Part III


Sold in six decades, and quite successfully I might add, General Motors’ most famous model line sees constant updating, fine tuning, and adjustment. The current base Corvette (the one GoodCarBadCar recommends with highest regard) makes 25 horsepower more than did the ultra-performance Z06 of the previous generation. Included in the amazingly low price is a removable lid that allows the elements to enter, despite the fact that you didn’t pay high dollar for a convertible.

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The Corvette’s old reputation for being a bit of a bruiser stands in contrast to the current reality: a base Corvette is a comfortable grand tourer with remarkably good fuel economy, efficiency within shouting distance of GM’s own turbocharged Solstice/Sky twins while offering an extra 170 horsepower. If you’re accustomed to today’s high-powered sports sedans or even the ever-present pocket rockets, the Corvette’s acceleration and cornering prowess will still knock your socks off.


Engines: 430, 436, or 505 horsepower and 424, 428, or 470 lb-ft of torque from 6.2L V8 or 7.0L V8.

Mileage: City high = 16 mpg. City low = 15mpg.

Base USD Price: $46,110

Anything Else? As if more power is needed, another Corvette variant named ZR1 will be supercharged with substantially more than 600 horsepower.