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Hyundai sold over 31,000 vehicles in the USofA last month. On the strength of terrific SUV’s like the Veracruz and Santa Fe – and even the high-value Tucson – and five model lines in the ‘car’ department, Hyundai appears strong.

Perhaps not as strong as the upcoming V8 engine in the Genesis. A rear-wheel drive sedan, competing above the Azera, with luxury aplenty, the 4.6L bent eight will make 375 horsepower. For context, a 1989 Hyundai Excel pumped out 68 bhp while the ’89 Sonata made 110. The ’98 Tiburon could be had with 140 bhp and the 2008 Veracruz has 260, three ponies short of Hyundai’s most powerful model, the Azera.

Expect the Genesis to offer approximately that much power, as well. The difference lies under the hood of a well-optioned version, where the V8 competes well with; yup…. Lexus. An equivalently sized V8 at the “slanted L” showroom make 380 horsepower. Cadillac’s 4.6L generates 320 bhp while the so-called musclecar Ford Mustang makes use of a 4.6L V8 that makes just 300.

It appears as though Hyundai has given the Genesis some underhood confidence, then.