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The eventual release of a “smaller” Rolls-Royce has been stirred around as rumour for ages. The purpose of the 200EX you see below was to be “modern, lithe and dynamic”, words not normally linked to BMW-owned; Goodwood-based Rolls.

However, the 200EX’s wheelbase stretches almost 130 inches. Overall length is more than 17.5 feet. And its still over 5 feet tall. In other words, the 200EX has a wheelbase 6 inches longer than that of the Lincoln Town Car. The Rolls-Royce concept is a few inches taller than the Chrysler 300. Its length is even greater than the unwieldy Cadillac DTS. Put it this way: don’t expect the RR4 to be a competitor for the Honda Civic, let alone the Honda Accord… not to mention the largest American cars in series production. Except that of President Obama’s Beast. Take note of how many of the angles chosen for the 29-pic Gallery were chosen by Rolls-Royce to make the 200EX look as small as possible.