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Priced under $25,000 in the United States, the GMC Terrain looks to be a screaming value. Then you realize the nearly identical 2010 Chevrolet Equinox will likely be priced a little lower; below $24,000. Nonetheless, these are both handsome SUV/CUV/crossovers/family cars that, later this year, should be available with handsome General Motors discounts.

Expect the basic 182-bhp 2.4L 4-cylinder to be the hotter ticket if gas prices rise this summer like they did in ’08. Also available is a 3.0L DI V6 pushing out 264 horsepower. The 4-cylinder should add 5mpg to the V6’s 25mpg highway rating. In the city, the V6’s easy power production helps it inch closer to 2.4L’s 21mpg with an 18mpg rating.
Six-speed automatics are standard. No matter which engine you choose, a 500-mile range is anticipated. That’s over 800 kilometres. Lovely. GMC has pumped up the luxury content with features like a rear-facing camera and power rear liftgate. All around, the Terrain looks very much the tough GMC sport-ute we expect from the tough truck brand. Inside, the look is clean and the space is utilized well. Check out the 8 pic Gallery below.