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Let’s not kid ourselves: the Audi TT isn’t a Porsche Boxster in performance terms. Let’s be honest, however, and admit that the second generation TT far out-punches the original TT in straight lines and around corners. Adding to that new vigour is the TT RS. Yeehaw.

Back to glory-filled 5-cylinder days that gave us the original Quattro, Audi has turbocharged a 2.5L lump to the tune of 300 horsepower. A 0-60mph time under 5 seconds is more than likely. Audi promises a lovely sound, too. Take note of the pictures. As with any TT, this very special edition is a looker and clearly wishes to inform you of its RS differentiation. Some of the bodywork helps bring the roadster closer to the coupe in terms of design pedigree. Check out The Good 12 and The Good 12 v2.0 for proof of the TT’s greatness.