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Gran Turismo Alleggerito, better known as GTA, is to Alfa Romeo as AMG is to Mercedes-Benz or M to BMW. Performance versions of future General Motors products have been called into question with the disbanding of their high performance vehicle team in the midst of a company financial crisis. AMG and M, meanwhile, have never produced more high octane vehicles than they are right now. As an aspiring premium brand, Alfa Romeo needs to play that game, too.

Here then, is the Alfa Romeo MiTo in GTA clothing. Although still technically a concept, the technology behind this GTA’s engine ought to assure it of production. From just a 1.7L engine, Alfa Romeo (under Fiat, and perhaps with Ferrari’s help?) has found 240 horsepower. Direct injection and turbocharging have helped along with dual variable valve timing and “advanced electronic management systems”. Enjoy the pics, this MiTo GTA, a potential Mini Cooper S JCW competitor, is spectacular.