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Typically a 201-horsepower car, the Acura TSX will potentially become a 280-horsepower car. That is, if you specify the new 3.5L V6 engine Acura will be making available for the 2010 model year. 

Previously, even top-tier TSXs didn’t enter the Acura TL playing field; not the normal product plan in the luxury sector where, for instance, the BMW 3-Series overlaps with the 5-Series which overlaps with the 7-Series. With the V6 TSX, Acura spans the gap and provides something special for plenty of customers who were attracted to the TSX because of its gentle yet sporty demeanor but couldn’t get over the lackluster acceleration.
In the USA, a TSX with a 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual is just over $29,000. At the upper end, $32,260 nets you the technology package. The TL starts just under $35,000 with that same 280-bhp V6 and front-wheel drive. Check out all 24 pictures of the new Acura TSX V6 below.