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GALLERY – 2010 SUBARU LEGACY – 23 PICTURES is a biased operation. That’s the beauty of it rather than something to lay blame on. For example, Audi and Subaru and Lamborghini can almost-sort-of-kinda do no wrong. Well, they can do wrong, but an explanation and excuse will be provided by The Good Car Guy. Up until now.

In the 23 pictures below, you can see the new face of the new-for-2010 Subaru Legacy. What will undoubtedly be a very good sedan and wagon and Outback is seriously let down by a face that no mother could love. The 2010 Subaru Legacy’s headlights are inspired by the nostrils of a hippopotamus. Its grille is a bit smirky but would be otherwise unoffensive were it not for the hippo nostril headlights. In fact, one would never assume that the front end of the 2010 Subaru Legacy could be so disturbing had they only seen the absolute dullness of the rear end. The taillights and rear fascia appear heavily influenced by the box they came in.
170-bhp 2.5L boxer engines are standard. Power is up in the turbocharged 2.5s of the 2.5GT to 265-bhp. Strangely, a new 3.6L boxer six-cylinder makes just 256 horsepower and is only slightly torquier than the 2.5L four-cylinder turbo. Transmissions are now 6-speed manual or, optionally, a CVT. By the way, the 3.6L is paired with a 5-speed auto.