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Even as the new Jaguar XKR unveils a supercharged 5.0L capable of more than 500 horsepower, Jaguar’s first R version of the excellent XF is introduced with said powerplant. The 2010 XF will also feature a naturally-aspirtated 5.0L for use in the regular V8 version. Jaguar says the new V8s make use of “aluminium heads, with four valves per cylinder and strong, spheroidal-graphite cast-iron crankshafts and forged steel connecting rods” and are an easier fit under the hood.

The addition of direct-injection has enabled Jaguar to jack up the compression ratio compared with the old 4.2L AJV8. One benefit of this change is improved fuel economy. Obviously, we’ll all enjoy the power benefits, too.
Notes: Adaptive Dynamics will be replacing CATS in Jaguar’s suspension nomenclature. Active Differential Control brings the XFR close to the Mitsubishi Evo X in rally cred. The upgraded engine bay isn’t the only thing changed with the regular XF V8. Jaguar has stiffened the car as well. It was already the stiffest in its class.