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Surprise, surprise:, the website that the United States Enviromental Protection Agency uses to educate Americans about fuel economy and host a vast database of fuel efficiency statistics, has become very popular., a website analytics provider, pegs last month’s traffic growth at 109.4% over the same period in 2007. 

In fact, comparing with reveals some interesting stuff. With the White House’s unpopularity comes an increasingly unpopular website; at least it seems that way. Traffic is down 8.6% compared with last year’s month of May and 20.9% compared with April. It’s the White House, a very power-centric location, and its website only beats the goverment’s own fuel efficiency website by 126,173 (1.36million to 1.23million) visitors. 
Wondering exactly why a purely info-based site like the EPA’s fuel economy page is posting such an improvement? Check out this post. Or this one. Or, just watch the news. Americans are obsessed with the price of fuel.