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Four months ago, a preliminary look at the convertible version of Fiat’s 500 revealed only one small surprise. Fiat had (and has) no plans to completely remove the roof. The rails remain; no doubt helping stiffness.

The 500C will be available in Italy exactly two years after this recent incarnation of the Cinquecento became available. July 4th isn’t just America’s birthday – it’s also the birthday of the original Fiat 500. Fiat has sold 360,000 500s in 59 markets in the past two years. 80% of those buyers heavily option-up their cars. That scent your smelling? Profits.
Because you never know when you’ll need to pop the top, Fiat allows the 500C’s roof to be jacked at any speed up to 37mph (60kmh). Some interior bits are slightly different from what you’ll find in the regular hatch. And even the rear anti-roll bar is from the Abarth 500.
Check out all 116 pictures of the Fiat 500C in the Gallery below. While this post is labelled as an Across The Pond article, don’t be too shocked if the Fiat/Chrysler link brings a 500C to a dealership near you in the next two years.