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Big wheels, huge air intakes, and centrally-located dual exhaust accomplish two things on behalf of this Chevrolet Aveo RS concept car. Firstly, they help make the car look incredible. That’s a good thing. Unfortunately, these items also mask what appears to be a very nicely-shaped hatchback; a car potentially capable of reigniting (or just igniting?) GM’s small car hopes in North America.

Check out the flowing roofline, hidden rear door handles, the imposing nature of the hood/fender marriage, and the switch to concave surfaces on the lower parts of all four doors. At first you’re automatically drawn to the drama of the car, no doubt as a result of the wheels, intakes, and other conceptish features. In reality, Chevrolet has a handsome shape, but it’s almost hidden away by the theatrics.
Still, there’s no doubt this car could be a hit at the Detroit auto show in the coming days. The Chevrolet Cruze initially seems to be attracting positive attention. Then again, no North American consumer has had a chance to buy one yet. It must be pointed out, however, that there was never an ounce of excitement over the first Chevrolet Aveo or any restyle since. For this little Aveo, however, Chevy deserves praise. How much will translate to production is unknown. Expect to lose the frill and lace. Hopefully GM beancounters will leave well enough alone when Chevrolet designers beg to keep the gargantuan grille and the secretive rear door pulls.
And by the way, this isn’t purely a styling exercise. The engine fitted to the Aveo RS concept is a turbocharged 1.4L with 138 horsepower, a Cruze engine. Aveo assembly begins in Orion Township in 2011. Let’s hope this engine’s fitted to some of those cars.
Style Points +
Overall profile
Head & taillamp shape
Sharp greenhouse definition

Style Points
Jumbo grille may seem outlandish in person
Rear bumper looks like it’ll need alterations before crash testing
Scalloped sides would be home-sweet-home for filth