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Recent automotive insurance quotes I’ve received bare no resemblance to the figures you’ll read about below. has done some research. While the state in which you live, along with your zip code and driving record, will play a huge role in calculating your insurance rate, the $ figures below are an average as figured by, not by There are some surprises, no doubt about it. Coming up, you’ll be able to see the the Top 5 Most Expensive Vehicles To Insure as well. For now, let’s stick with the Top 5 Least Expensive Vehicles To Insure. Good news first, right?


#5 – HONDA ODYSSEY, $871: Just ahead of the smart fortwo, Saturn Vue, Mazda Tribute, and Chrysler T&C sits Honda’s minivan. Far-flung theory: the Odyssey has gotten so big it runs other cars over and doesn’t get damaged. It’s also a Good 12 Supersize winner.
#4 – KIA RIO5, $870: One would assume the figures for a former Good 12 winner and platform-mate to the Rio would be similar. Accurate theory: the Rio5 is stinkin’ cheap to repair; so it doesn’t matter if you get crushed by an Odyssey.
#3 – HYUNDAI ENTOURAGE/KIA SEDONA $852.50 avg.: The second Korean-designed vehicle to touch down on the list is, by GoodCarBadCar decree, an average of two identical vehicles. These large minivans will not only save you money at the dealer compared with the Honda, they’ll also save you about twenty bucks a year on insurance.

#2 – KIA SPORTAGE, $840: Again with the assumptions – the Hyundai Tucson’s insurance quotes should be remarkably similar. Ready for far-flung theory number two? Drivers sit up high enabling them to see all the other cars but, when smashed, the Sportage/Tucson is really quite small with fewer parts than their minivan brothers.
#1 – HYUNDAI SANTA FE, $832: This favourite of The Good Car Guy is also the cheapest vehicle to insure in America. Plenty of active safety equipment like ABS and stability control help keep you from crashing. On the other hand, the Santa Fe is high enough to clear the Rio5‘s bumper.