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THE GOOD 12 v3.0 – PART II


Though the word “station wagon” is losing its grandfatherly connotation, automakers are still reluctant to use the term freely. Phrases like SW, Touring, and Variant are predominant. Cadillac appreciates the sound of Sport Wagon, bloodcurdling if applied to the old Fleetwood but distinctly apropos now that the CTS is hot stuff.

Last year honoured the Cadillac CTS-V because it was deemed to be “a worthy car without the value equation”, its low price helping “to make the case”. This year, the CTS Sport Wagon has been appraised as all the Cadillac you’ll ever need. Significantly more handsome than the regular CTS sedan, it’s just as pleasant to drive and twice as intelligent a purchase. In light of its competition, the CTS Sport Wagon is more of a genuine hauler than the vehicles with which its affiliated in price yet a shocking value when contrasted with similarly-sized cars.
Cadillac has configured a peachy potpourri by stretching the CTS’s roofline. Even at a slightly higher price, this car’s superior dynamic talent and eye-catching appearance would likely earn it a place in The Good 12 v3.0. As it stands now, the CTS Sport Wagon will be known for knocking the superb Audi A4 Avant out of the mix.
Engines: 270/304 horsepower; 223/273 lb-ft of torque from 3.0L V6 and a 3.6L V6

Base USD Price: $39,830
City Mileage: 18 mpg
Portmonteau: Upgrading your cargo-carrying capacity from the CTS sedan’s 13.6 cubic feet to the wagon’s 58 cubic feet would (theoretically) enable you to carry enough gasoline to see your CTS Sport Wagon travel from Boston to Los Angeles and back two times without stopping. If only you could store all that fuel safely and achieve a constant 26 miles per gallon.