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In the inaugural Good 12 Supersize, the Buick Enclave grabbed hold of a position with many thanks to its designers. The Buick Enclave’s design hasn’t changed during the interim and no large crossover has appeared with a more resolved visage. Thus, the Enclave is found firmly entrenched in The Good 12 Supersize v2.0.
There’s more to the big bruiser of a Buick than strong exterior styling. The inside’s pretty fine, too. Opulent in every way – especially when it comes to an absurdly low decibel reading – the belly of this Buick is a place to whittle away hours upon hours; miles upon miles of interstate. Chuck a few friends in the back. Chuck the stuff of your friends behind your friends. Be content.
“But it’s still a Buick,” you say. Yeah, I say that, too. And then I say, “Would I want the best and most beautiful or the second-best, less beautiful but better-badged option?” The answer’s obvious. That’s why the Buick Enclave is here in The Good 12 Supersize v2.0 and the Lexus RX is not.


Engines: 280 horsepower; 270 lb-ft of torque from a 3.6L V6

Base USD Price: $35,215
Cargo Capacity: 115 cubic feet behind front row
Maximum Towing Capability: 2,000 pounds
City Mileage: 16-17 mpg
Activator: Buick is huge in China. In its home market of America, however, this sub-Cadillac brand has struggled for the last…. well, since I can remember. Nonetheless, the Enclave represents the start of a new era for Buick. The gorgeous second-gen LaCrosse is now on stream and the even better-looking Regal will be here soon. For a lesson in how to sell cars, hear ye this: build good product. Buick decided to heed the advice.