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With a lot of effort, my family can get together for a session of photography. Bring one brother from Mexico, another from Pennsylvania, a sister from Alberta, and two of us who live just ten kilometres from my parents; and you’ve got all seven in one shot.

Let this be a strong and forceful analogy. Much as the cousins are beloved, they belong only in the extended family picture. We’re sorry, but they can’t fit. Their chins aren’t pointy enough. Their lips aren’t small enough. Their shoulder breadth ain’t narrow enough. They are cousins, not brothers or sisters.
If only BMW could learn this lesson. Speak out – one of the five vehicles in this BMW coupe family photograph does not belong. Might it be the vehicle with four doors? Could it be the one with four doors, an SUV-like ride height, and a hatchback? Yes, I think it is. The X6, for one thing, is ugly. That’s reason enough to keep it out of production. More importantly however, in the pantheon of BMW familial relations, the X6 belongs with  theX5 and X3. It’s a soft crossover SUV thing. It’s not a coupe. It shouldn’t be confused with one; it shouldn’t be advertised as one. 
At best, the X6 is a cousin of the 3-series coupe, Z4, 6-Series, and 1-Series. In fact, the X6 is the loud and abrasive and annoying and superficial and arrogant cousin. Photoshop it out. The full gallery of BMW’s coupe family is below.